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Ongoing meetings
Main annual review meetingOnce a year we will offer you a face to face meeting with, during which we will complete review your circumstances, needs, priorities and establish whether your current investments remain suitable. At your request we can also consider any other financial needs you may have.
Ad hoc meetingIn addition to the core meetings, at any time you can request an extra meeting (one per year), if perhaps your requirements or circumstances change, to discuss your current investments and establish if they still meet your needs.
Access to client portalWe will give you access to our client portal so you can view details about your investments at any time.
Main annual review reportFollowing our annual meeting, we will provide a report confirming our discussions, summarising our findings and outlining any recommendations we may make.
Ad hoc reportIf you choose to have an extra meeting, we will provide a report summarising our discussions and any recommendations we may make.
Investment Management
Bespoke portfolio managementHaving thoroughly established your circumstances, objectives and goals, we will create a bespoke portfolio of investments tailored to your individual requirements, appropriate to the level of risk you are prepared to take. Using our expert knowledge of investments and the markets, we will review your investments' performance, in accordance with our review schedule. Where necessary will contact you to discuss any required changes to your portfolio.
Telephone / email direct access to adviserYou will have direct telephone or email access to your IFA at anytime during working hours for personal assistance. Where appropriate, we may suggest an ad hoc meeting for more complex queries / needs.
Enhanced client contactYou will benefit from our priority contact service, so you can be sure we'll be here to assist when you need us.
Client file retention & maintenanceAs and when you provide us with updates to your circumstances, we update your file and will hold it securely at our offices for as long as you remain a client of ours, in accordance with our data protection policy.
Forward provider correspondenceWe will forward any correspondence concerning your investments to ensure you are kept up to date with their performance and current value.
Quarterly newsletterOn a quarterly basis we will sent you our newsletter, which contains useful articles to keep you informed about our firm and financial matters in general.
Professional Services
Liaising with 3rd party professionalsWhere required we will liaise with your other professional advisers e.g. solicitor and accountant to co-ordinate your affairs, ensure consistency of approach in related matters and provide relevant updates.
End of tax year serviceWhere relevant, we will assist you with any information required in relation to your end of tax year return, which will be shared with your accountant, as required.
Bespoke Services
Provision of additional bespoke services (optional)In addition to our core services, we can agree to provide you with bespoke services tailored to suit your individual needs, for example more frequent monitoring, meetings, reporting or the provision of specialist services. We will agree the costs of these services on an individual basis.
ANNUAL COST – CORE PACKAGEOur standard ongoing adviser charge will either be 0.5% or 0.75% as will be agreed at outset. A minimum charge of £500 will apply.

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